Antihero was an article in the early days of Spin. It was a brief story about an inpirational figure who would normally be overlooked, as their cause was unfashionable, or they would normally be considered the bad guy. I'm lost for specific examples, as this was at least 10 years ago, but the column was one of the things that made me subscribe to the magazine.

Being 12, saving the money for a magazine subscription took some time. Unfortunately, by the time I recieved my first issue, Nirvana had hit the popular music scene, and Spin had tranformed from a magazine that covered music that was an alternative to popular music into a magazine that covered Alternative Music. As part of the transition into an alternapop Rolling Stone, they ditched the radical political stance, and proceeded to Disneyfy the magazine, leaving me with 12 antiheroless issues.

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