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Necessarily, then, music is architecture in its most sublime and gaseous state, and dance is, perhaps, the phase of matter which exists tidily between the two extremes, concrete enough to touch and embody it, but too brief and momentous to grasp and contain it in the hand or the eye. The mathematics, the spatial reasoning, the perpetual return to golden and other ratios, the influence of Pythagoras and Fibonacci and Apollonian ideals, the pattern and rhythm and audiovisual rhyme: these are common properties of all states of this element.

Occasionally, in an opera house or ballet theatre or even at a particularly beautiful night club, all three naturally-occurring phases can be encountered simultaneously.

I like to believe there is an even more ascended form of this art, a plasma so intense and kinetic, so hot and electrified that it can scarcely be borne by the living body. I like to think someday, in some capacity, I will encounter it, and recognize it for what it is.

Maybe, obliviously, I already have.

Iron Noder 2015, 07/30

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