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well boss the new curtains
are in i am back from
a years sabbatical
i went vacationing in
gibraltar you may have
heard about it a small place
next to spain all sun
and sea my cousin watson
invited me to visit for
a week and meet other
gibraltarese cockroaches
boss time is so
small even an insect has trouble
keeping more than three or
four eyes on it
i said to watson
i dont know where it
all went
you spent
a good deal of it sleeping under
a sombrero he says
boss watson
introduced me to a
lady friend of his she
tried to make me
dance can you believe it
archy the cockroach
dancing so i hid under that
hat for several months
one day while i was under there
i hear aha what do you
know it turns out the lady
friend is in collusion
with watson to get
herself some small ones
no one wants to
marry the spinster of
the colony so they
sent to new york for me
you see old archy ever
the fool but it was a nice
holiday nonetheless and now i
am back here to bring terror
to your readers full stop
ps if an older lady
with an accent and dancing
shoes comes knocking for me
please tell her i was lost
at sea in a terrible tragedy
gratis for anything
else you care to embellish
i am always doing as
much for you


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