It's made of heavy drab canvas and was originally manufactured for use in the Dutch military, on the inside is the proud statement:


Which falls right below the tag, all in Dutch.

Maniengte boven 180cm
Borstomvang 88-92
NSN 8405-17-006-6628

100% Katoen

There are buttons along the perimeter of the inside, where a lining should be put in when it gets cold. The lining is lost to time and the buttons are now used as extras when another important button gets lost.

It has shoulder straps although the button holding one in place has ripped off. The strap is now held there with a safety pin. Other safety pin repairs have been made where there are small rips -- such as along the collar "wings" or the pockets.

The upper, triangular shaped pockets have pins on them. On the right (mine) there are American bands: The Get Up Kids, the Dead Kennedys, and a reference to the Stooges ("I Want To Be Your Dog"). Also, my sXe pin is there, as it is primarily an American movement. On the right (your right) pocket are European bands; The Pogues, The Clash, and The Cure.

There is a chain of paperclips connecting the lowermost buttons.

On the right (mine) side of the coat, beneath the upper pocket, is a safety-pinned-on Alkaline Trio patch. On the right (your) arm, there is a sewn on Black Flag patch, and a safety-pinned-on, homemade Braid patch.

The right (your) pocket always contains my house keys.

There are bloodstains on the cuff of the right (mine) arm. A reminder of the one and only time I got in a fist fight.

I love my army surplus jacket.

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