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Au*re"o*la (?), Au"re*ole (?), n. [F. aur'eole, fr. L. aureola, (fem adj.) of gold (sc. corona crown), dim. of aureus. See Aureate, Oriole.]

1. R. C. Theol.

A celestial crown or accidental glory added to the bliss of heaven, as a reward to those (as virgins, martyrs, preachers, etc.) who have overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil.


The circle of rays, or halo of light, with which painters surround the figure and represent the glory of Christ, saints, and others held in special reverence.

⇒ Limited to the head, it is strictly termed a nimbus; when it envelops the whole body, an aureola.



A halo, actual or figurative.

The glorious aureole of light seen around the sun during total eclipses. Proctor.

The aureole of young womanhood. O. W. Holmes.

4. Anat.

See Areola, 2.


© Webster 1913.

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