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Ok, i won't get into the fact that i don't really have a choice on whether i use MS products or not at work. However, occasionally, this auto-complete feature is really fun. For example, when i type /me in the chatterbox, i get these selections:
/me bares her teeth and sticks out a blood-red tongue. her fifth arm holds a battleaxe and her seventh holds a flask.
/me checks yossarian's connections.
/me doesn't know what miffle-plonk is, but thinks that william shatner might actually be better WITH breasts. hmm.
/me eats thefez
/me giggles. the sound rolls through the mountains like gleeful thunder.
/me glowers at EDB, then takes for the hills...
/me grits her teeth and attempts again to pull away from Everything..
/me high-fives urbanmisfit
/me is going home.
/me is still amused
/me licks P_I on the forehead (first non-hairy place i could find)
/me licks yossarian. huh. not minty. but good!
/me sides with knifegirl. always root for the sentient contestant!
/me snickers.
/me stammers.
/me throws mud at thefez.
/me tries turning yossarian off and on.
i figure, i'm now covered for all contingencies, so i won't have to think any more. I'll just recycle my old wit and discord. See - my life is easier! Whaddya know?

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