Az"ure [F. & OSp. azur, Sp. azul, through Ar. from Per. lajaward, or lajuward, lapis lazuli, a blue color, lajawardi, lajuwardi, azure, cerulean, the initial l having been dropped, perhaps by the influence of the Ar. azr-aq azure, blue. Cf. G. lasur, lasurstein, azure color, azure stone, and NL. lapis lazuli.]

Sky-blue; resembling the clear blue color of the unclouded sky; cerulean; also, cloudless.

Azure stone Min., the lapis lazuli; also, the lazulite.


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Az"ure, n.


The lapis lazuli.



The clear blue color of the sky; also, a pigment or dye of this color.

"In robes of azure."



The blue vault above; the unclouded sky.

Not like those steps On heaven's azure. Milton.

4. Her.

A blue color, represented in engraving by horizontal parallel lines.


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Az"ure, v. t.

To color blue.


© Webster 1913.

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