The activity of participating in a ballroom dance. The word "DanceSport" is usually used when competitive ballroom dancing is referred to.

Ballroom dancing includes any of several dances, generally divided into Smooth and Latin (American style) or Standard/Rhythm (international style). Nightclub dancing is usually distinct from ballroom dancing, encompassing different dances and styles.

Some dances that full under the banner of ballroom dancing:

the Waltz
the Tango
Paso Dolbe

...and many variations thereof.

Ballroom dancing traditionally has the male leading, and involves two people. Both partners are usually in constant physical contact.

Ballroom dancing exists both as a competitive sport and as a leisure activity. For the competitions there are strict guidelines about which techniques are correct, that's why many prefer to keep it a hobby. Ballroom dances are grouped into Latin and Standard dances.

Latin dances:

Dances in the two groups share many characteristics, e.g. Standard dances are danced in constant physical contact, whereas in the Latin dances partners are farther apart and often do not move synchronously.

Ballroom dancing is a fascinating hobby, and it's perfect for meeting people. Maybe it's for you, too?

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