Municipality in Troms county, Norway.

Berg municipality has a population of 1,061, and is located on the Senja island facing the Arctic Ocean.

Berg's administrative centre is in Skaland, a small town of about 250 inhabitants.

In Skaland is also the municipality's major employer, the Skaland Graphite mines - Skaland Grafitverk A/S. In Europe, Skaland is by far the largest producer of natural crystalline graphite. Some 10,000 metric tons of graphite are produced each year.

The elected leader of Berg municipality is currently Trond Abelsen. The administrative leader is Ivar Mortensen.

Berg (?), n. [&root;95. See Barrow hill, and cf. Iceberg.]

A large mass or hill, as of ice.

Glittering bergs of ice. Tennyson


© Webster 1913.

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