A blast tank (also called bomb tank) is used when working with maroons and other high-explosive pyrotechnics effects. Big maroons are basically an explosive in a plastic container. To avoid maiming or killing actors or (even more important) the audience, pyrotechnicians use blast tanks

What is a blast tank?

A blast tank is basically a container that is constructed to change the direction of the blast that sound effects make upwards. It also "catches" the shrapnel from maroons, while letting the explosion (and the sound - which was why we wanted to use the maroon in the first place).

How to build a blast tank

A blast tank is not hard to build - all you need is an oil drum, some fine-meshed grate and some steel wire. Cut the top off the oil drum, and clean the inside. Now, drill a small hole in the bottom of the drum (you need to pull the wires to the electronic fuse through here). Now, drill about 50 holes all the way around the top of the drum. Cut the grate so it fits the top of the drum.

When using heavy maroons - especially in classes 4-5, the ones that sound like mortar rounds blasting - you want to put the maroon in the tank, put the grate on top of the drum, and use the steel wire to secure the grate to the drum.

That was it - easy wasn't it? Yes, it is simple, but it is important (see the node on Maroons for why, if you don't believe me)

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