Bois"ter*ous (?), a. [OE. boistous; of uncertain origin; cf. W. bwyst wild, savage, wildness, ferocity, bwystus ferocious.]


Rough or rude; unbending; unyielding; strong; powerful.

[Obs.] "Boisterous sword." "Boisterous hand."



Exhibiting tumultuous violence and fury; acting with noisy turbulence; violent; rough; stormy.

The waters swell before a boisterous storm. Shak.

The brute and boisterous force of violent men. Milton.


Noisy; rough; turbulent; as, boisterous mirth; boisterous behavior.

I like not that loud, boisterous man. Addison.


Vehement; excessive.


The heat becomes too powerful and boisterous for them. Woodward.

Syn. -- Loud; roaring; violent; stormy; turbulent; furious; tumultuous; noisy; impetuous; vehement.


© Webster 1913.

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