Despite what what pornography would have you believe, a woman's default setting is not "fuck me".

Despite what advertising suggests, PMS is not the sole reason for a woman's moods. Neither are you.

Despite what women's magazines would have you believe, there is no "right way" to do it, and men don't always want to do it anyway.

Despite what men's magazines would have you believe, she does not look like her photograph.

Despite what newspaper copy would have you believe, women don't "get raped". Rapists rape them.

Despite what the bored and lazy mass media would have you believe, there is no battle of the sexes. Desire contains multitudes, including (but not limited to) differences, misunderstandings, and apprehension.

Despite what you might think now, good conversation, laughter, and courtesy are the things that will keep this relationship alive. Everything else will burn. It may burn fragrantly, like incense, but it will burn.

Despite what commercials tell you, flowers don't say it. Rocks don't say it. Cards don't say it. You say it. And nothing - nothing - goes without saying.

Despite what is becoming the norm, it is not okay to vent your anger on the nearest human being.

Despite the nihilistic bent in American culture, the truth is that you are unique. You are irreplaceable. You do have something new to say.

Now say it.

BrevityQuest 2007

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