2018 Jul 31

5 minutes: Two words that make my sister mad

"I'm sorry."

You'd think she'd be happy to hear apologies, but not her.

"I don't believe you," she'd say - or, "you say it but you don't mean it."

She never forgave anyone. It wasn't her policy. The world was hard on her, and she fought back against it with a hide of thorns and a club of spikes.

I'd learned never to apologize to her. To do so would mean admitting you were wrong. And you never wanted to convince her you were wrong. Because that would be the end.

It wasn't really possible to convince her she was wrong either. Either the world was wrong, or the world was wrong. The best we could accomplish was to settle for miscommunication.

As long as everyone was misunderstood, then no one was wrong. Nobody needed to be forgiven. Nobody had to be blamed.

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