This word is also used to refer to a crumby popular saying or idea that people regurgitate without thinking first.

Its use is fairly dated, and not many will understand you if you use it in everyday speech. Try it!

Bro"mide (&?;), n. (Chem.)

A compound of bromine with a positive radical.


© Webster 1913

Bro"mide, n.

A person who is conventional and commonplace in his habits of thought and conversation. [Slang] -- Bro*mid"ic (#), a. [Slang]

The bromide conforms to everythyng sanctioned by the majority, and may be depended upon to be trite, banal, and arbitrary.
Gelett Burgess.


© Webster 1913

Bromide, or Bromid, paper. (Photog.)

A sensitized paper coated with gelatin impregnated with bromide of silver, used in contact printing and in enlarging.


© Webster 1913

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