Before I die

I want to praise the earth
praise her in her beauty
as she shrugs her shoulders
and tectonic plates slide around
buck and buckle
and lava fissures up
and the ocean trenches hold their mysteries

I want to praise the sun
praise the warmth
the light
the heat
the flares
the sunspots
playing havoc with our electric toys

I want to praise the moon
praise the earth's neighbor
playing hide and seek with the sun
each month hiding her face
more and more
until she disappears
and reappears, new
each month

I want to praise the water
rain, streams, rivers, oceans
water in my own body
in the other bodies
clear water
muddy water
polluted water
waters of birth and death

I want to praise each cell
so amazing
muscle cells get hungry
when we exercise
and make more insulin receptors
placing them in the cell walls
to get more insulin
to get more food
each muscle cell changes
with changes in the environment

I want to praise the atoms
the electrons the protons
the neutrons
the dark matter
the electrons spin around
the protons
near then far
the source of life

I want to praise the universe
the Beloved that is all
that touches us all
we are part of the Beloved
sometimes I think
we are blood cells in a being
the universe a being
thinking we are conscious
it's the greater unconscious
that is all connected
all one

I want to praise us all.

Iron Noder: Tokyo Drift 13

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