Birthed as an early Amiga game developer with the figure head of Peter Molneux.. helping to create classics like Populus, Syndicate (2), Flood, then later moved on to the PC market with Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital. Always distributed through Electronic Arts

I have a boxed copy of their first game released... a birds eye view multi-directional spacy scroller in 1984. It's nifty.

Bullfrog is also the name of the band in which Kid Koala plays.

The current lineup is:

Bullfrog began in 1994 after a jam session. They've only released few EPs (Bullfrog 1 through 3) as well as a self-titled album which contains part of the songs from the EPs with some new stuff. The style is very laid back and jazzy, similar to that of Live Human.

Audited September 17, 2002

Games developed by Bullfrog:

If something isn't correct or if I've missed a game, please /msg me.

Bull Frog, any frog which croaks with a deep rather than a sharp sound. A species of frog found in Carolina and the parts adjacent, which has a voice not unlike that of a bull. It is six or eight inches long, by three or four broad, without the legs. It swallows ducks and young goslings whole. It is difficult to catch from the length of its leap, besides which it is generally left unharmed because it is said to purify rather than to pollute the water in which it lives.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

Bull"frog` (?), n. Zool.

A very large species of frog (Rana Catesbiana), found in North America; -- so named from its loud bellowing in spring.


© Webster 1913.

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