Our business model is balsa wood and Elmer's Glue; a little optimism and you! People make this company and this company makes people! Better, stronger, faster - more reliable, with a sense of style. Go farther, do more, get more done.

A paradigm shift with more on the plate, hats are worn to the side, hats are cast off in the light. The blue flourescent flow from a countless hundred million GE wonder lamps, lovingly screwed in by our maintenence crew. We outsource them, so they don't ask for stock options.

A model business, modelled after the giants but making mountains out of molehills, tilting at windmills and not getting blown even a little for our troubles. Expended all the capital while getting the actual costs out the door. All for you, the customer, our family, our friend, our bloodline. A business. A model. A balsa wood fashion statement of intent and purpose. A mission! The position. Missionary. Visionary. A common new idea, taken to new heights.

Over there, see where that ink dried on the contract? And framed just behind the senior partner's head is the first dollar we ever took from a venture capitalist. A vulture rapturist. That was in the contract, now we've contracted out and sourced our code to another country, the call center trains them to speak like we do. With great care for customers, and in a flat American Midwest tone. Over the phone, you can get away with anything as long as the caller believes the magic. Parse the phrase and pass the free pizza. We are a business with a model. A solid balsa wood and Elmer's Glue model, made for you.

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