A Spanish curse word -- somewhat difficult to translate. It is very rude. As an exclamation, I would translated it as "Fuck!" or "Goddamn!"; as a noun, "fucked", "stupid fuck", or "dick"; as an adjective, "fucked" or "damned".

It is really stronger than "damn". For a milder curse you can say "Barajo!" or maybe "Cará!" instead.

The word "carajo" is used mainly in the North of Spain, although any Spaniard will understand it, and its exact meaning as a noun is "dick". As far as I know, it can't be used as an adjective (at least not in Spain, maybe it can in some part of Latin America, but I don't think so); although you can say "del carajo" referring to persons or things: "cabrón del carajo".

The word "carallo", which is also the Galician word for "carajo", is also used. If you want a softer curse, the most used euphemisms are "caray" and "carainas", but many Spanish people will giggle if you use one of these.

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