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"Chained Heat" is a series of Women in Prison flicks from the 1980's and early 1990's.

Chained Heat - 1983, Director: Paul Nicholas, Starring: Linda Blair.

From what I hear, this is supposedly a very excellent Women in Prison film, almost a Shawshank Redemption for the opposite sex...minus the horrible anal sex...but then again I've never actually seen The Shawshank Redemption either, this is just all hearsay.

Chained Heat II - 1993, Director: Lloyd A. Siamandl, Starring Brigitte Nielsen.

Having had my little adolecent mind warped by this film first hand, if what is said about the prequel is true, we'll call it Episode I, this is a far cry from what ever it actually was, if anything. The plot goes like this: Some woman is thrown in a Czech prison, giving the director/writter/roadies a bad excuse to shoot some serious near hardcore (mediumcore? firm-to-the-touch-core?) simulated lesbian sex and bondage footage. No real plot, just another lesboitation hand to crotch and directly to video shocker.

So the bottom line is: If you like lesbians and prisons, you can have the best of both worlds with the Chained Heat series....If you can tolerate big poofy hair, jumpsuits, and the worst fake, horrible european accents.

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