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How the hell are you supposed to setup Windows NT 4 Workstation on an ancient cheap ass HP Vectra without a CD-ROM drive? They paid $99 dollars for four of these pieces of shit. I told them I could install either Linux or Windows 9x on them. My boss said that would be fine. They came and I installed 95 on one, 98 on two, and Slackware on the final one (which I promptly put into production as an internal test web server). Now they want NT on the damn 98 machines. NT won't recognize the hard drive on the piece of crap, and I am tired of fucking with it and very frustrated.

Who the hell wants a P5-75 with with 16 fucking megs of RAM anyway? What the fuck are they thinking? Uhm... maybe they really want to piss some developer off by giving shem this shitty test machine. Of course I'll take the shit for that. Damn I'm angry.

Sorry about the rant ppl, but I need the nodes anyway... here's a moral to tie things up

Cheap hardware eats ass.

Oh well, back at it...

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