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Chickclick (www.chickclick.com) is a web portal / content site aimed at internet savvy girls from their early teens to their late twenties. They have kind of a similar format to and similar departments as your typical girl magazine (like (blech) seventeen), but they have a refreshing girl-positive attitude: up with all girls, down with barriers, up with healthy bodies, down with image stereotypes, up with voting, down with ignorance. It's cool. The occasional merch plugs for their chickshops are excusable because it supports such a great content site. Not everything there is for everyone.. with such a wide age bracket target group, you have to have some articles that focus on one end or the other (the cohabitation section isn't for the pre-teens, but then the advice for coping with highschool cliques isn't for the twenty-somethings either) - but everything is thoughtful and fun. Yay for them.

Update: Okay, it used to be all that. Now it's an ad-ridden, bankrupt, dot-com flunkout shell of its former self, after being bought by Snowball and then more or less written off. Alas, poor chickclick, we hardly knew ye.

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