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Where do you keep your stacks of murder diaries?

Many, many years before Ikea was a glint in Sweden's eye, bohemians and hipsters - slackers - used their lazy ingenuity and whatever materials were readily available to make a shrine for their small press publications, and vinyl. "I'm going to find some heavy, rough-edged construction materials, bring them into my nice apartment and stack them along the wall. It'll look real nice," said no one, ever. 

Think twice before bringing 10-pound blocks of concrete into your home. These things scratch up the floor, the wall, they'll scratch your eyes if you look at them wrong. And they're heavy and may topple over and break your other furnishings or make a hole in the floor. One should never actually seek them out - look around, is there anything else available you can use? How about some plastic milk crates1?


Supposing there happen to be a few cinder blocks laying around unused, might as well make a shelf. You'll also need some planks: two-by-fours, actual shelf boards from a defunct shelf, a plank of some kind, an old door, any rectangular object at least 1/2" thick (1.5 cm).


  1. Stack a row of blocks AGAINST A WALL. The final shelf will not be stable away from a wall. The floor should be level. If the floor is not level, place shims under the blocks until they lean flush against the wall.
  2. (Optional) cover the blocks with something to make them soft - felt, canvas, carpet, upholstery
  3. Place boards on top of the blocks.
  4. (Optional) cover them with something - felt, canvas, carpet, upholstery
  5. Stack more blocks on top of the boards. Shim if necessary as in Step 1).
  6. Repeat until all blocks and/or boards have been used, or the system becomes unstable.


Anything durable may be stored here but do not put fragile or valuable things on it - thing may get chipped and scratched by the rough edges unless steps 2. and 4. are done.


Moving the shelf to another wall is a pain in the ass. Take all your junk off it, take it apart from top to bottom, and rebuild.

Moving the shelf to another house/apartment/cave? No. Leave it behind.


1suggested by StuartO)))


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