Con*sid"er*ate (?), a. [L. consideratus, p.p.]


Given to consideration or to sober reflection; regardful of consequences or circumstances; circumspect; careful; esp. careful of the rights, claims, and feelings of other.

Of dauntless courage and considerate pride. Milton.

neas is patient, considerate, and careful of his people. Dryden.

The wisest and most considerate men in the world. Sharp.


Having respect to; regardful.


They may be . . . more considerate of praise. Dr. H. More.

Syn. -- Thoughtful; reflective; careful; discreet; prudent; deliberate; serious. See Thoughtful.

-- Con*sid"er*ate*ly, adv. -- Con*sid"er*ate*ness, n.


© Webster 1913.

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