Corn Oil is expelled from the germ portion of the corn kernel.

Corn oil is great for cooking and in salad dressings because:

Actual fat content: 59% polyunsaturated, 24% monounsaturated, 13% saturated

Here are some other uses for corn oil:

  • Make bubble bath with 2 cups corn oil, 3 tablespoons shampoo and 1/4 tablespoon of your favorite perfume or sented oil. Mix in blender at high speed.
  • Remove sap and other sticky substances from skin and hard surfaces by saturating with oil and wiping clean.
  • Grease a grill before using for easy cleaning.
  • Prevent a cat's hair balls while improving coat by adding a teaspoon to one meal daily. For dogs use one tablespoon to each food serving.
  • Use as conditioner by massaging into dry hair, covering with a shower cap for half an hour and shampooing with hot water.
  • Remove oil and paint stains from skin instead of using turpentine.
  • Season a new cast-iron skillet by greasing with corn oil and heating in a warm oven for 2 hours. Repeat after each washing for several weeks. For maintainence, rub a drop of corn oil in the pan after each wash, storing with paper towel under and over.
  • Removing rust from cast-iron skillets by greasing with oil, letting stand and rubbing off rust.
  • To remove stickers, soak with oil and rub off.
  • Grease wooden cutting boards and utensils by applying oil with a paper towel and removing excess.
  • Aid in the removal of a splinter by soaking in oil first to soften skin.
  • Grease gaskets and hinges with corn oil to prevent freezing in winter.
  • Break in a baseball mitt by rubbing a few drops of oil into the glove, placing a baseball (of appropriate size) in the mitt, and tying the mitt around it. Leave over night or longer if desired.
  • Treat a pet with ear mites by adding a few drop of oil to the ears. Clean out all debris with a Q-tip or cotton ball (be careful with a Q-tip so you don't puncture the ear drum).
  • Moisturize by massaging into your skin, wait 15 minutes, wipe off extra and take a hot bath. Good for preventing stretch marks.

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