The coulomb is the unit of electric charge, and it is the charged particles which flow when electricity is said to flow. The coulomb is a very large amount of charge and so the charge of an electron is very small.

e- = -1.6e-19 C

When one coulomb of charge flows past a point in one second, a current of one ampere is said to have flowed.

the equation linking charge, current, and time is:
q=It (Charge = Current x Time)

Cou`lomb" (k??`l?n"), n. [From Coulomb, a French physicist and electrican.] Physics

The standard unit of quantity in electrical measurements. It is the quantity of electricity conveyed in one second by the current produced by an electro-motive force of one volt acting in a circuit having a resistance of one ohm, or the quantitty transferred by one ampere in one second. Formerly called weber.


© Webster 1913.

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