An amphetamine, which can be easily synthesized from ephedrine using household and store-bought chemicals. Plans are available via the web, which is not surprising.

Another name for methamphetamine hydrochloride. In HCl form methamphetamine is a white translucent crystal or powder, most commonly sold in white plastic sachets or glass vials.

It is a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. People who have attention spans similar to that of a goldfish take it so they can focus on a certain task. Similar to the effect of Ritalin. The suppression of the appetite usually makes the rapid weight loss a common symptom of methamphetamine abuse.

It is also the active ingredient in the so-called Bangkok Pills, which is routinely sold as diet pills in south east asia. Be aware that this is a controlled substance in most couintries and the use of these bangkok pills will result in a drug test returning positive for methamphetamine.

Quite pleasant and addictive while high one will quickly learn that the high is not worth the crash, unless of course you like to crash.

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