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Also called "voiced sound mark".

It is a diacritic placed beside certain kana to change their pronunciation. It can be used with hiragana or katakana.

Without dakuten: ka  ki  ku  ke  ko   sa shi  su  se  so
   With dakuten: ga  gi  gu  ge  go   za  ji* zu* ze  zo

Without dakuten: ta chi tsu  te  to   ha  hi  fu  he  ho   u
   With dakuten: da  ji* zu* de  do   ba  bi  bu  be  bo   vu

* Note that there are two ways to write "ji" and two ways to write "zu". The more common are:
ji = shi with dakuten
zu = su with dakuten

The dakuten looks like two small strokes to the upper right of the kana.

Compare handakuten.

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