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'a child can walk in and have their heart turned dark as a result of being on the Internet'
George W. Bush, Oct. 11 2000

During the second presidential debate (now President) Bush proclaimed the above. During the third debate Al Gore spoke of the 'battle' between popular culture and parenting, and of the need for federal regulation to help parents 'win'.

Many people think I am a sarcastic asshole. I do not pay attention to warning labels on music. I wept not only for the victims of the massacre at Columbine, but also for the persecution that followed, and the resulting paranoia of people like the Trenchcoat Mafia. I enjoy reading The Onion. I am not one of 'the right people', whoever they are. I feel that my way of life is threatened. I feel that Al Gore wants to ban MAD Magazine. I am scared when Bush claims 'there should be limits to freedom' in response to a website parody tilted against him.

I want these politicians to know that I am not a grumkin hiding in a sewer or a dark alley, ready to pop out and sing some Tom Lehrer songs to innocent, impressionable youths (I don't like sewers that much). I am not the enemy, and I am not an insurance liability. _We_ are good people, and _we_ will not be silenced or legislated against, or used as a debating "straw man" to symbolize something that is wrong with America. In fact, I strongly believe that America without people like us would be a bland and boring place.

I've printed up a whole bunch of little buttons with dark hearts on them, a la pink triangle. If you agree with my views, or even if you think I'm a total whiner who should move to Canada anyhow, I would be honored to have you wear a Dark Heart button.

Yeah, so anyway, I'm (still, ugh) willing to mail an envelope full of these (about five) to anywhere in the world, for free. Just email me your mailing address...and I'll get them to you as soon as I feel like it.

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