Normally he leaves his car at the park and ride. Taking the bus gives him an opportunity to text the woman who let him know that his wife was cheating on him. At first she was someone to talk to, eventually they established a morning ritual of their own. Now he picks up the paper and reloads the Starbucks card she uses for her daily chai. Whenever they meet he holds the door for her knowing that a quick good morning kiss is out of the question.

Five blocks south-west of his glass fronted office building the woman he loves spends her day meeting and greeting members of a golf club he doesn't patronize. Throughout her day she daydreams about the man who organizes trade shows almost wishing that his office didn't border the sixteenth hole. That evening the lights at his house go out when his wife gets the call that he won't be home for supper.

Inside her car he tosses his tie to the side, eases her sunroof back and lets his hand rest on her leg while he drives. Most of the time they talk about their jobs; where they go depends on what kind of a day he had and how much time she had to find a place where neither of them would be recognized. Her apartment is off limits, bitterly he wonders if his wife is fucking a super star golfer while he's winding his way through the asphault jungle.

The things he shares with her would have his wife rolling her eyes if she could hear what he's telling the woman he's with. Her employees can't decide if she's a dyke, a prude, or just another ball busting career woman. The way she's crying would surprise a lot of her coworkers and people who know both of them might not understand how having someone to talk to can be more important than having friends with benefits.

Her birthday is tomorrow however he can't be with her then so he takes this opportunity to drop a card on her dashboard. Her hands are cold as the clean edge of the envelope slices into her skin. Gently he wipes a drop of blood off her finger and then a tear off her cheek. Inside the card is a ticket voucher because she loves to golf and he wants to give her a memory to cherish.

Tomorrow everyone she works with is stunned when she hands in her letter of resignation. No one he works with is surprised at the mandatory company meeting. For well over a year he's been meeting with potential buyers, his employees will be treated fairly with an option to stay on after the merger. His soon to be ex-wife is furious that he's leaving her even though he has several photos of the guy who used to take his spot in bed.

Currently marital bliss is something they both work hard at preserving. On their first anniversary the server who took their dinner orders asked where they met. A peaceful smile settles across his face as his newborn daughter sighs against her father. When he forgets that someone asked him a question his wife repeats the inquiry, without turning towards his spouse he remarks that formerly he and his contented wife were day strangers.

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