A state in which one's sense of self is altered in such a way that one feels estranged from one's body or personal reality. (As opposed to derealization, in which the physical world outside the immediate self changes.)

If you have ever experienced the state where your own body parts (hands, arms, face) seem unfamiliar and/or out of place, or that you do not control your own actions, that is depersonalization.
There are other, more extreme examples, such as a feeling of withdrawal into oneself that makes one's body seem overly large and distant. This can be very disconcerting and difficult, as it feels like the equivalent of trying to drive a semi in a sleet storm at age nine.

Depersonalization is often associated with other mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and MPD/DID, and can be taken as an early warning sign. However, it can also simply be a reaction to a stressful situation (this is more likely the case, even if you experience the more intense reactions.)

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