dermotillomania (aka Compulsive Skin Picking CSP ) is the little known cousin of trichotillomania. It is a kind of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) A person with dermotillomania picks at their pimples (or what they think are pimples) obsessively. They may zone out and pick for hours and hours. Some times they pick so long that their legs fall asleep. Often the acne is not that bad to begin with, but the picking only makes it worse. The fixation is not unlike SI (self injury or 'cutting') however since it is not as destructive as taking a razorblade to the sole of the foot or palm of the hand it is not given as much medical attention.

Still it can severely disrupt the lives of the sufferer. One not only loses hours of the day due to the pointless exercise, but the damage done to the skin can cause already low self esteem to plummet further.

There are some resources online for people with this problem:

Often it is co-morbid with depression, anorexia or avoidant personality disorder.

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