Derrick is one of the most famous German serials ever. It finally ran out two years ago, but is still shown all over the world. Apparently especially the Japanese love it. The crime serial entered the realm of cult and immortality for the way inspector Derrick and Harry, a police officer solved their cases ( who are all situated in or around Munich ) by just sitting in the office, doing nothing until by the end of the one-hour show the one suspect finally calls them up to surrender himself/ herself to the police. Upon which Derrick always uttered the most famous sentence “Harry, fahr schon mal den Wagen vor ( Harry, get the car ). This sentence is now almost as famous as Goethe`s “Götz von Berlichen”saying “Leck mich am Arsch” which I won´t translate. Derrick was/ is an excellent thing to watch with your friends to have a good laugh..not to be recommended to watch with your grandparents, though who take it seriously and/or adore Derrick. No critical word here. Not necessarily better than Derrick still is “Der Alte” ( the old one) , another crime serial, which can be funny in its own way too.

Der"rick (?), n. [Orig., a gallows, from a hangman named Derrick. The name is of Dutch origin; D. Diederik, Dierryk, prop. meaning, chief of the people; cf. AS. peódric, E. Theodoric, G. Dietrich. See Dutch, and Rich.]

A mast, spar, or tall frame, supported at the top by stays or guys, with suitable tackle for hoisting heavy weights, as stones in building.

Derrick crane, a combination of the derrick and the crane, having facility for hoisting and also for swinging the load horizontally.


© Webster 1913

Der"rick, n. (Mining)

The pyramidal structure or tower over a deep drill hole, such as that of an oil well.


© Webster 1913

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