Diversity Training is a Joke

I was required to attend a “Diversity Training” session as part of my training for Junior Achievement, an organization that works along side Drexel’s service learning program.

Diversity training was a stereotypical preaching session by stereotypical self-contradicting speakers on the age-old, misunderstood implications of the concept of stereotypes. What is a stereotype? It is a process, a proc7ess by which one generates an oversimplified generalization about a particular pattern of concretes in reality. For example: “a stereotypical table has four legs,” is a stereotype of tables. More importantly it is an accurate stereotype, i.e., an accurate generalization. Stereotypes today have acquired a negative connotation because the word is now used to describe prejudicial assessments of races and ethnicities. I agree that the subject of a stereotype can be negative. I do not believe that the process of stereotyping is negative. The preachers at Diversity Training believe such. In fact they even went so far as to propound unquestionably the “fact” that, “stereotypes are evil and so are all the people who make stereotypes.” Recognize the stereotypical statement made by the stereotyping speaker about stereotypes and you will have discovered that, by deduction, he declares himself evil.

The theme of diversity training was stupid: it was ambiguous and unfounded.

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