Access to the backend. Vulnerability. You can scrutinize every private detail of the open source of joy without being watched. S/he must twist to decipher the intention of your movements. A gift-like action by the reciever demonstrating trust. Knowing s/he is safe. A sexual position incorrectly attributed exclusively to dogs by those nasty Christians who needed to colonize non-white people thereby ruining perfectly good sex lives and other ancient practices.

Doggy Style is one of many sexual positions. The woman (or a passive gay male) gets on hands and knees, while the male (or a female wearing a strap-on) positions themselves behind the person on their hands and knees, and penetrates them.

This position gets it name from the fact that it is quite similar to the position that canines use to copulate. Many people seem to think that it allows for deeper penetration. It also stimulates areas of the woman's vagina that are not normally stimulated by the missionary position.

Variations of this position are also used. A woman can bend over the arm of a couch or chair, for example, a desk, a counter, or any number of everyday objects.

The sex position described as "doggy style" in English commonly has similar, animal related slang terms in other languages.

French: "en levrette" ("greyhound-style")
Italian: "alla pecorina" ("sheep-style")
Dutch: "op zijn hundjes" ("dog-style")
Spanish: "de perrito" ("doggy-style")

In Russian, there is a phrase with sexual overtones for assuming the hands and knees position, something like "'ebat rakom" that means "to do the crab".

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