The Dorsal Venous Arch is a vein structure in the upper portion of the foot.


The Dorsal Venous Arch is fed by the five metatarsal veins (one for each of the toes). Medially it passes blood to the Dorsalis Pedis Vein, laterally (the side with the little toe) it feeds the Small Saphenous Vein. The Dorsalis Pedis bifurcates into the Anterior Tibial and the Great Saphenous Vein. The Dorsal Venous Arch is close enough to the skin to be palpated.


The Dorsal Venous Arch looks like a loop of a jump rope laying against your foot, the convex side pointing toward your toes. At the end of this loop are five tassels, woven through the top of your toes. Peel off your socks. Take a look.


Dorsal comes from the Latin dorsalis, pertaining to the backside. Venous is from the Latin vena, a blood vessel.


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