Drag Racing is a general term used to describe when two vehicles (not always cars) race in a straight line to determine who is faster. The NHRA is the official sanctioning body of professional drag racing.

Drag racing is usually over a quarter mile straightaway (although eighth mile races do exist). The elapsed time (ET) is probably the most important statistic in a drag race. Time ranges and the corresponding class of car are displayed below:

17+ seconds: Beaters (Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel)

16 seconds: 4-cyl. economy cars (Oldsmobile Alero)

15 seconds: "Sporty" cars (Toyota Celica)

14 seconds: "Sporty" cars (Mustang, Honda S2000)

13 seconds: F-bodies (Camaro, Firebird)

12 seconds: Performance Cars (Corvette, Viper)

11 seconds: Lightly modified Performance or Pony Cars

10 seconds: Moderately modified performance or pony cars

9 seconds: Seriously modified performance or pony cars

7-8 seconds: Heavily modified performance or pony cars

6 seconds: Alcohol Funny Cars, Top Alcohol dragsters

5 seconds: Funny cars, Top fuel dragsters

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