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One of the primary partisans of the current regime of intellectual property described by Eben Moglen in his essay Anarchism Triumphant. An econodwarf is a person who believes that the only reason why people engage in creative activity of any kind is because they believe they will obtain some kind of economic benefit from doing so. According to the dwarf therefore, the rules of intellectual property are required because they are the only way of ensuring that anyone who engages in creative activity gets paid for his or her efforts. Without the right to exclude people from, say, music for instance, there can be no music.

The very existence of creative artifacts like Mozart's The Magic Flute, or the Linux operating system, or of a website like Everything2 should be sufficient to convince the econodwarf otherwise, but this notion of economic incentive is held with religious conviction by these people.

An eloquent rebuttal to the econodwarf mindset is found in Moglen's Metaphorical Corollary to Faraday's Law.

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