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elak is a Norwegian duo from stavanger currently signed to Guidance Recordings, they consider their music "trip-pop or trip-hop-pop or something like that". elak consists of the singer/songwriter Gølin Maria and Edvard Brygfjeld of Butti 49 who provides the rest of the music... guitars, bass , synth and samples.

elak recorded their first song, Remember Me, a month before christmas in 1998 as a christmas present for their parents. They were broke students (and still are), and wanted to do something special for their parents, so Remember Me was recorded. It was mixed by ed and a friend Elak's, alexander limi.

Some time later Remember Me was released as the b-side of a promotional 12" single vinyl by a djing friend of elak's. He sent the record to a few labels that he liked. Soon after elak received a mail from guidance recordings about a record contract. They signed in spring 2000 at which point they started work on their first album. At present (17/5/02) they have most of the songs recorded but have some mixing work to do and expect to release sometime in 2002

Since the record contract Remember Me has been available on Hi-Fidelity Lounge Volume 2: Licenced to Chill.

Void was made with the same thought in mind: to be a christmas present for their parents in 1999. It has found its way onto numerous filesharing networks but has never been officially released.

Gølin maria can also be heard singing in Kalas by Butti 49 on the album Hi-Fidelity Lounge Volume 3: Cosmopolitan Grooves but isn't credited in the album insert :/

Incidentally elak is always written entirely in lowercase.

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