The joke..

Being proper geeks, the people at All Too Flat know how to appreciate a pun. elgooG is, quite literally, a mirror site of the popular internet search engine Google. The site's graphics and the search interface are exactly identical to that of the original. Well, if you view it in an actual mirror, that is. If you don't have a mirror handy, get used to typing and reading backwards. Likely, this little joke would merely have curled a few mouths amongst some fellow geeks, if not for the Chinese. The Chinese? Yes, the Chinese! Bear with me..

Apparently, one Great Wall wasn't enough for the Chinese government. They decided some time ago that the boundless informational freedom of the Internet should not be for their countrymen to enjoy. One way to enforce this policy was to block the most popular search engine, if only for its large cache of 'dangerous' data. Fortunately for the Chinese, geeks are sparse within the ranks of their governing body. All Too Flat's prank went unnoticed and it became a popular information loophole in China for a while.

The aftermath..

Possibly with the help of a severe Slashdotting, the Chinese wised up on their filtering methods. They even started to allow large portions of the original Google to become accessible again, while retaining the block on several subdomains. Some sources say that the blocking of the remaining pages will be temporary, until the elections finish.


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