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One can Enter your writeup, or one can Empty your writeup. Which is what several users above have done. Originally verbose, filled with anecdotes about the times they were lost for words.

It has been unfortunate for me to return to this node to gain encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration, only to find, time and time again, an empty writeup, a ghost of what once was, with only a signature betraying who has passed through.

update, August 17, 2000: the waves have washed over even the names that once whispered from these sands. all that is left is you and me, and memories of last Christmas.

update March 30, 2002: and alas, i alone was left to tell the tale. wouldst that i could leave no record of the tragic events that have led to my survival, for it is not of my own courage, nor steadfastness, but fate, luck, and a fatted goose.

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