Yeah, that looks like someone's cat discovered an ant crawling on a keyboard and spent a few minutes swatting at the insect.

Surprisingly, it's not. Well, it may be how it came to be, but the word itself is the official Guinness World Record for longest aggluinated word. The language is Finnish, and it means "I wonder if – even with his/her quality of not having been made unsystematized." I've often wondered if Finnish was created by cats swatting at different things in the distant past.

Aggluinated languages are where morphemes are pretty much "glued" together to make other, more complex words. The parts are not changed from their original spelling or phonetics. We use this concept in English all the time by adding suffixes to words like "catbox" versus "catboxes", which is "cat - box  - (multiple)", or multiple boxes dedicated to use by cats, which might be considered redundant because cats believe they own everything by default.

Antidisestablishmentarianism is an example of a long agglutinated word in English. You can break it down to the parts and understand the concept behind the word. Other agglutination languages include Turkish, Malay, Tagalog, Japanese, and many Native American languages. An exception for the latter is Navaho, which is a fusional language.

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