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"For a long time, Alobar just stood there, grasping the mantel ledge for support. So shocked was he by the implications of language and penmanship that he didn't even consider content. When at last he turned his attention to it, his bafflement only increased. The word was a transitive verb, an exclamation, a command, of which an exact English translation is impossible. The closest equivalent probably would be the phrase: Lighten up!"

- Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume (p.193)

Jitterbug Perfume would claim this word is of an ancient Germanic dialect, the one Alobar - the thousand-year-old guy - grew up with. In the same book, it's also allegedly Albert Einstein's last word and has something to do with the search for the perfect taco. If it's not the secret to living forever, it's a rather nice sentiment.

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