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"Animal rights groups and parents have been enraged by scenes of tigers ripping apart live calves at a Harbin zoo in northeast Heilongjiang province, a Beijing newspaper reported. Crying children told of their terror as the 'nature day-trip' turned into a nightmare, the Beijing Youth Daily said."

I just love this story that ran on the AP wires today. Apparently the zoo is trying to make sure the cats don't lose their hunting skills, as they are going to be rehabilitated back into the wild at some point.

Can't you just see it, though? The little munchkins are all huddled together at the zoo, having a great time. They see some little calves being carried over. "Oh, look at the cute little calves! I wonder where they're going? Oh, look they're putting them in that big cage! They're so cute!"

About that time, a tiger jumps on the calf's back and slashes its throat. Then, as the story went on to tell, the tiger would toy with the animal before actually ripping its guts out.

Just imagine the boys from South Park staring with their mouths wide open. "Whoa, duuuude!"

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