One of the weirder NetHack items. Sometimes you can find them lying around or for sale in shops; they are naturally a part of the Tourist's starting equipment. They are usually generated with 70 to 99 charges, and may hold up to 127.

For the most part, using the expensive camera just produces funny messages (like when trying to use it underwater), but if you take pictures of monsters, you can blind them. A cursed expensive camera has a 50% chance of blinding you instead. Cheap cameras do not exist in NetHack, much to the chagrin of the Vivitar corporation.

From the archive...

From: Keolah 
Subject: Re: Minetown fountains buglet
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:53:16 -0800

In article , (Laura M. Parkinson) wrote:
> Along with the monsters genocided, etc etc lists that you get at the
> end of the game, if you've used a camera you should also get a list of
> pictures you've taken. ;)
> A picture of a startled rothe
> A picture of an angry forest centaur
> A picture of a statue of Perseus
> *grins* well, just an idea ;p

Picture of a pretty fountain.
Picture of a water nymph trying on a very familiar-looking Hawaiian shirt.
Picture of angry water demon.
Picture accidently snapped of corridor while running from said water demon.

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