A ficton is, as defined by modern physics as the elemental particle of which fictions are composed. While some in the community believe that fictons truly are indivisible particles, others believe that their inherent instability is proof that they can be broken down into more stable particles - much as electrons, protons, and neutrons can be broken down into quarks. While this debate continues to rage, the standard model of fictons is generally accepted for basic physics at the high school level.

The existence of fictons had long been a purely speculative matter, with proof of their existence only emerging in the late 60s based on experiments at UCLA and University of California Santa Cruz. Needless to say, the results of these experiments caused a massive upheaval in the world of theoretical physics, and have led to further experimentation. Soon, physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider hope to collide masses of fictons at near-lightspeed; some warn, however, that this could lead to the formation of a black hole which could destroy the earth. Again, the debate rages on. 

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