Inadequate. Insecure.
Illusions of grandeur
Expecting immediate gold
Apprehension. Doubt.
Just want to connect.
Create better friendships.
Stop smoking weed
Afraid of work. Afraid of change.
Unrealistic expectations
Misguided talent
Absent minded
What am I even feeling? CRUSH
Acceptance - Relax
I never have before, how can I now?
dark ugly feelings
copycat - imageless - lonely
I am just like everyone else - nobody
anguish, wasted time
Waste is the American way
How will I know? - LAZY
Friendship. Destiny. Finite. Accidental.
How am I different, if at all?
I want to chase the goal but am I just crazy?
I can't pretend to work as hard as you.
I don't want to be everyone else
I don't want to be human
I don't want to say the wrong thing. Act weird
Sad but can't cry
Days just pile up.

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