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This is a game similar to tug of war. The difference is that instead of grabbing a rope and pulling, you grab a firehose and push, because there's a lot of pressure in those things. Two teams of four, each with a hose, and a wire strung between two upraised tractor buckets running overhead. Suspended from the wire is an empty beer keg. The beer keg is positioned in the middle of the wire, and the teams line up at either end. The water is brought up to pressure.

When the horn sounds, the guy with the nozzle points it at the suspended beer keg, and everyone charges forward like madmen. The object to to spray the beer keg and push it to the opposite end. Depending on the skill of the team, and on luck, this can take minutes or seconds. Sometimes the keg will pass over head, and in a frantic effort to regain position, water is sprayed all over the assembled crowd. Sometimes people let go of the hose, and it whips all over the place spraying random people until someone gets it under control.

The losing team will often spray the winners in the midsections. There's nothing like getting sprayed in the nuts with a firehose. At least it was a warm summer day.

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