Execution by firing squad in the U.S (Utah) involves the accused, wearing a blue jumpsuit with a white cloth attached by velcro over his heart, be escorted to the execution chamber (Where both lethal injections and firing squad executions are carried out). He then has his hands, feet, and neck strapped into a custom chair with holes located in the seat and a pan underneath to catch any blood or other bodily fluids released. Sandbags are located behind the chair to stop any stray or ricocheting bullets.
After being restrained, the squad leader of the 6 man execution team comprised of state police officers will ask the condemned for any last words then cover the head with a cloth bag. Finally, all six officers will go behind a shooting partition located approximately 20 feet directly in front of the chair, aim, and on command, fire their 30-30 caliber rifles simultaneously.
Of the six rifles used, only five contain live rounds, the other contains a blank. Presumably so the executioners can later persuade themselves that they indeed had the blank round, and the other five were responsible for the death.


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