The first album released by Swedish synthpop band S.P.O.C.K.

Track Listing

  1. Neutral Zone 4:33
  2. Never Trust a Klingon 4:16
  3. Mr Spock's Brain 4:20
  4. Charlie X 4:07
  5. E-lectric 3:28
  6. Black Hole 4:29
  7. Space Race 3:45
  8. Time Machine 5:03
  9. Edge of Forever 4:19
  10. Last Man on Earth 5:19

The title "Five Year Mission" is a reference to Star Trek: The Original Series, as well as to the fact that the band had existed for about five years when the album was released.

The sound is very synthetic, with a good measure of sound effects thrown in here and there. The lyrics are mostly dark and gloomy, especially in "Last Man on Earth":

The human race is dead
There is not a single head
Where ever I see
There's no one but me.

As a side note, "Last Man on Earth" is also the exact english translation of "Sista Mannen På Jorden", a side project of one of the band members.

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