Fix"ture (?; 135), n. [Cf. Fixture.]


That which is fixed or attached to something as a permanent appendage; as, the fixtures of a pump; the fixtures of a farm or of a dwelling, that is, the articles which a tenant may not take away.


State of being fixed; fixedness.

The firm fixture of thy foot. Shak.

3. Law

Anything of an accessory character annexed to houses and lands, so as to constitute a part of them. This term is, however, quite frequently used in the peculiar sense of personal chattels annexed to lands and tenements, but removable by the person annexing them, or his personal representatives. In this latter sense, the same things may be fixtures under some circumstances, and not fixtures under others.

Wharton (Law Dict. ). Bouvier.

⇒ This word is frequently substituted for fixure (formerly the word in common use) in new editions of old works.


© Webster 1913.

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